Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The sketchbook says hello. It also says smelly.

Some fiddly bits from the sketchbook!  Monsters!


And to close out.  My friend bought a lovely, thick black marker, and I wondered to myself... is it smelly?  To check if it was, this happened.

"And was it smelly?" you might ask.  To which I would answer: yes.  Yes it was.


  1. YES TO THAT TYPE. What kind of marker are you using?

  2. Everything but smelly is just a plain ol' calligraphy marker like the calligraphy duo they sell at the school store. "Smelly" ... I'm not sure, it was some really big permanent thing, had a sort of angled cube nib. Anything with a flat line will do (copic wides can do beautiful things)


  3. This makes me even happier I just got a free set of prismacolor chisel pens from the school store. Time for some type-time!