Sunday, August 10, 2008

We have a map of the piano

This is from way at the beginning of summer

My mother had an old broken piano that came with her house. We couldn't get rid of it, so we explored it instead.

The initial plan was to dismantle it completely, but we hit a point where we couldn't get much further without brute force, didn't have enough muscle, and had to call in the cavalry.

All that's left now are a couple strings and a bar I took for souvenirs, the rest is in a scrap yard somewhere.

Occupying my time

Painting painting painting.
I'm pretending this is done but honestly it really really isn't - I'm just tired of working on it. It's sort of funny how I get to that state, and I might not even see anything wrong with it until I decide to share it. About the moment I look at the photographs I've taken a whole bunch of things jump out at me... eh, we'll see, a revision of this might end up here later.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Trying to keep busy and keep on with drawing, so I've been spending a couple hours every day in starbucks (weekdays at least) drawing strangers. Some results (most recent at the bottom):

I've done some more paintings and things that I'll probably be uploading sometime over the next couple days... I know you (the audience that essentially comes down to myself, family and maybe a few friends when you boil all the imagination off of it) probably have much better and more important things to look forwards to in your life, but the inherent egomania that comes with writing this sort of thing (LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT WHAT I DRAW!) sort of infects, and I feel compelled to make announcements about future things that I will do and post... man I feel lame...