Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Castle Spacenstein!

Hello internet!  Things have been very busy on my end of things lately.  Reasons for business include/have included but are not limited to: a car crash! (fortunately nothing serious), a gallery opening! (unfortunately nothing serious), freelance and more!  Regardless of any of that, here is some more SPACE!

The most likely extraordinarily beautiful Spaceprincess has been abducted, and Spaceman and Spacehorse are on the case (spacecase? is that too much?).  This is for some reason obviously the handiwork of the dread Space Dracula... who is honestly, despite the odd bit of abduction here or there, generally regarded as a pretty nice guy.

The culprit is clear and so is the crime, but the question remains ... why?
So our heroes journey to Castle Spacenstein for answers.

annnnnnnnnnnnd because i'm in love with texture here is a detail of essentially nothing at an absurd size:

Some figure sculpture may return to the blog shortly.