Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Painter, Graphic Design and ridiculous

So in my concept class they have us using Painter to produce and... well... I have little to no experience there. The program has it's ups and downs, there are parts of the workflow that I love and parts that... well it's not even worth trying to do some things in painter, it's easier just to pop it over to photoshop and back. In any case, here is the first "finished" thing I've ever pumped out in painter.

These are getting older, but I have some posters that I made for Graphic Design that I'm mildly happy with. We were to make two posters for a hypothetical MoMa exhibition of "the masters of poster design." One of which was to be purely typographic and the other based around imagery. I have this unfortunate love for large blocks of extremely tightly packed type... which are bad so I kind of shot myself in the foot on the typographic one.

And lastly we have the byproduct of reference/source photography and low sleep: