Thursday, December 9, 2010

All of Something

So here is that something, that something that I was alluding to.  Without further delay, here it is in part of it's glory:

So there is a whole aspect of this that isn't pictured here.  It's the part where things move.  I don't really have proper video recording anything at the moment, but I will shortly, whereupon he will be viewable in his full kinetic glory.  So that's soon.

For now though, here are some pictures that I will refer to as "detail shots" as to make them sound more legitimate.  If the appearance of legitimacy isn't the goal, I think I would rather refer to them as "somewhat incoherent close-ups" or something along those lines.

In the near future I will have a video of the beast in motion to share.  It shouldn't be long now.  Really.

Until then.  From all of us here in my head, Goodnight.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Part of a Something

So I have a thing that I have been working on for what has become a very very long time.  It has traveled between multiple states, at times been a shelf, has moving parts and I'm almost done.  I have done my best to contain my excitement about what is, in fact a really really stupid joke, but am no longer able.  As such I have decided to take a bunch of pictures that don't really show or explain much of anything and post them here.


I mean, come on, what is that?  Seriously.

Oh and please don't go getting excited or anything, I promise you this is all very very stupid in the end.  I don't think anyone could possibly enjoy this as much as I do myself.

Really, deepest apologies.

Without wax,