Sunday, December 5, 2010

Part of a Something

So I have a thing that I have been working on for what has become a very very long time.  It has traveled between multiple states, at times been a shelf, has moving parts and I'm almost done.  I have done my best to contain my excitement about what is, in fact a really really stupid joke, but am no longer able.  As such I have decided to take a bunch of pictures that don't really show or explain much of anything and post them here.


I mean, come on, what is that?  Seriously.

Oh and please don't go getting excited or anything, I promise you this is all very very stupid in the end.  I don't think anyone could possibly enjoy this as much as I do myself.

Really, deepest apologies.

Without wax,


  1. I think I know what this thing is! And I am very excited to see it completed!

  2. you are very wrong sir... im pretty sure i will enjoy this thoroughly being that i am one of your biggest fans, and the stupid stuff you make is fodder to my blood and inspiration to my brainbread ...... and i say that in full seriousness of the matter...

    so... look at you go