Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketchbook: Commutants!

So, as some portion of you might know I commute to and from Manhattan every day to go sculpt naked people.  It involves two trains and a subway, usually populated largely by business people in suits.  Frequently they're asleep.  To occupy my time I draw them, frequently while they sleep.

At first I just drew them as they were... then we migrated into caricatures.  By now, after almost a year of doing this, we've moved into full on mutants.  Personally I'm most pleased with the progression.

And now, without further ado,  I present to you some commutants.  We have...

Coffee Wolf

 Purse Bird

 Treehead Stoneface

 Scruff Mcgruff


Goatboy: All Grown Up

Also, here's a little detail of something i'm in the middle of.

Today's post was brought to you by the letter T:


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  2. damn. i wish i knew such cool commuters.

  3. Wanda is mah favorite forever.

  4. Beautiful lines! I just wanted to stop over and say thank you for coming over to my page and giving me some encouragement. I really appreciate it!