Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Look what I found on the porch today! I stumbled upon a wild plugbeast!  These elusive, blind quadrupeds can occasionally be found under desks - usually near power strips.  Needless to say upon finding it I caught it in a jar and released it into a local electronics store where it will be happy and well nourished.

Or, well, in reality I discovered some ancient phone chargers in a drawer and decided that since they weren't much good at charging any phone I still own I might as well turn them into something useful.  And by useful I mean purely decorative with no real practical application.

Here's some process because I think that's neat:

I rather like that last fellow too...

What became of the other charger you ask?
Well, more on that later.


  1. This is super duper cool, Rob! I would love to see a whole show of random pieces of junk repurposed into monsters!

  2. I can't tell you enough how much I would love to make that show happen!

  3. a most marvelous mechanical monster menagerie!

  4. that little guy just ripped the legs right off the other one! :< whatttamonster