Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spaceman and Spacehorse in: The Sand Giants of Space!

We rejoin Spaceman and his magnificent steed Spacehorse in the midst of a quest to rescue the Solar Bears from certain doom (we'll come back to that later, I sort of kind of not really promise).  In order to reach their destination our brave heroes must cross the perilous Spacedesert, and with it - through the territory of the fearsome sand giants.  Alternatively Spacesand Spacegiants, but that doesn't really seem to roll of the tongue quite right.

Included:  A number of absurdly high resolution details.  Because I thought they were neat.

Mmmmm texture.


  1. Glad I can help sir - getting cool ideas is one of my favorite things, personally

  2. Love these textual paintings you've been doing! :D

  3. Thanks Yezi! Also you should know, those policefellows over on your blorg are looking pretty fancy.