Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cup o' Doodle!

Hello again internet!  Quite a bit of jumbling going on in the whole... life ... thing right now.  As regularity returns, it is likely that so will the internet posting of things that I make.  I am making quite a pile of things right now, but they're mostly things that are TOP SECRET due to PROPER EMPLOYMENT (which I'm quite excited about).  Still though, things get made on the side

In any case, on to things that might actually interest people.  I've recently joined a blorg curated by a Mr. Don Flores, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's called Cup o' Doodle and lives over here.   It involves making drawings out of little abstract fiddly bits, is a great deal of fun, and here are some things I drew for it.

 Or, well, Don drew this:
 Which I turned into this:
 and then into this:

And this came from something too.  But there's really no explaining that.

 Mostly brush experimenty playtown going on.
Anyway, more in the future.

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