Monday, May 17, 2010

Thesis Parade, Part Deux

This is Legs (Fig 1.1). He's distressed.

Fig 1.1

Our protagonist (we have one of those you know, this is a story) on his journey through the woods (what woods you ask? you know, the woods) finds Legs (amongst many parenthetical statements) in this state, distraught!

All of Legs's friends, you see, have swam across the river, but Legs is too scared to try to cross. A previous attempt to swim (Fig 1.2) resulted in a terrifying failure!

Fig 1.2

But our protagonist knows better! Keenly noting the tremendous length of Legs's legs (see all Figures) he is quick to point out a serious oversight.

"But you're so tall! You can probably just wade across! Have you tried?"

"I could? Hey! You're right! I can!" And so he did. (Fig 1.3)

Fig 1.3

And there was much rejoicing. (Fig 1.4 et. all)

Fig 1.4

Fig 1.5

Fig 1.6

Fig 1.7

Fig 1.8

Fig 1.Apple

Fig 1.9

Fig 1.Cube

Just the same as in my last post, all photography is by Kenneth Sterling Gronquist


  1. big bird legs!
    I don't know what it is but block animals are ridiculously cute. Maybe it's because the idea of building towers out of them is so appealing.

    either way, super thesis :D.
    I am very happy box fox and his boy human comrade remedied this tragic situation.

  2. fff, that final pic is so good!


    Do you mind if I make a box fox sometime? I promise it will special, one way or another.

  3. No minding! Just be extra sure that I see it, regardless of what kind of special it is. That and if you show it to anyone that they know it's mine.

    Now go! go! go!