Friday, February 6, 2009

Thumbs and Faces

I finally put the last drawing in my sketchbook from the summer. There's a clear dividing line when school starts up where the book gets a whole lot less interesting as it transitions over from faces and paintings to thumbnail after thumbnail. Oh well.

Here's what's worth looking at from it:

Almost the entire book is filled with these, pages and pages of drawings of people in Starbucks (though that last one has some Ringling students in there...). They started out sort of haphazardly arranged on the page, some fully body, some just faces, but as time went for some reason they just sort of arranged themselves into this sort of valley shape and i almost never drew much more than the face (aside from the occasional cactus or pickle body).

I've never been terribly good friends with acryllic, so I made a couple attempts to extend the olive branch... varying success. We have a very wonky portrait of one of my dads friends in green for whatever reason, an some old man I made up as I went along.

And that's that.

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