Sunday, September 21, 2008

Digital Illustration - Illustrator

So, digital illustration class is pretty neat. So far we've just been messing with Illustrator. Assignments one and two right here. One was to make themed icons.

I made fancy animals...

Two was to do a vector portrait.

Got a little ridiculous on that one.

More on the way


  1. Fancy animals! I looove them so so so much!
    Awesome vector portrait, needs more lobster claw though ;)

  2. Hey Rob!

    Im definitely diggin the style you used with the mr.octopus. Thats awesome! Keep up the great work man

  3. Dude, I KNOW you aren't talking smack abour the beautiful Ian Malcolm! He saved JP2! It's that silly redhead filly Sarah Harding that screwed it all up.

  4. The fancy animals are great! But I know the assignment and there are three icons required, so where's the third one?

  5. Hey Rob- That postable is a lot of peoples fave at work, too. Our writers are pretty fantastic.