Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Right down to the bone...

So, illustration assignment, right? Ok. Well this time around it was to do a poster for a play... we got a list, we picked our plays and went to work. So when I got to thinking about what I could do, I got to thinking that Chris Sickels is pretty cool... and... well... yeah, so I sculpted my figure, built my set, hung cotton ball clouds and toy airplanes from the ceiling in my room and this is what happened:

The play was, by the way, called Souvenir. It's about Florence Foster Jenkins (a real person...) who was a tremendously bad opera singer, and famous for it.

It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, and there were a lot of things that suffered from the time available, but all in all it was a lot learned that I can apply to the next time I try something like this (which I'm thinking I might...).

Oh, and because it's awesome, here's some process:

my favorite part is when I eat the sandwich...

by the way, if you don't know Chris Sickels, go here and cry sweet tears of joy

if you thought that was cool, check out Paulo Ventura ... if you can get your hands on it, his book War Souvenir is pretty mindblowing.

We'll see what the future brings...


  1. ah wie geil! ich denke du brauchsat aber mal nen schickes design. kannste ja mal eins machen und ich setz dir das dann in wordpress um, damit es more individuell ist, du weisst ja was ich meine ;)

  2. Now I see why you were always busy with homework! :P

    p.s. we need to hang out before I go away forever.